Automatically track TV & movies you're watching.

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#5 Product of the DayJune 10, 2015

Automatically track what you're watching. Find where to watch TV & movies and discover what's hot.

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Oriol Farré
Vignesh Rao
  • Vignesh Rao
    Vignesh RaoEye in the sky

    Gives accurate info on TV shows and movies, highly customisable dashboard, reminds you of unwatched episodes of shows you follow



    Great way to keep track of your entire watch history

    Vignesh Rao has used this product for one year.


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Justin Nemeth
Justin NemethMaker@barnt · Co-founder, started as a side project when @rudf0rd, @jimmydouglas and I wanted scrobbling functionality for XBMC (now Kodi). Automatic tracking of what we watched and collected made scaling a media collection easier and a lot more fun. Little did we know that it would turn into a full-time job! We have scrobblers for all major media centers and a full featured API that powers lots of mobile apps and other community projects. Four years in, we now have over one million users, all acquired organically with no marketing budget or outside investors. We have those users to thank for making this journey possible, as the majority of our operational costs are covered by VIPs who have contributed money year after year. Thank you so much!
Jimmy Douglas
Jimmy DouglasMaker@jimmydouglas · Tesla
And what a ride it has been! We are so grateful for all of the support from the community over the years. This is only the beginning! By the way, for those who like our rebrand and new site design, take a look at Darick is the mastermind behind our beautiful new look.
Justin Nemeth
Justin NemethMaker@barnt · Co-founder,
I created a collection to keep track of powered apps as they're hunted.
Ryan Stubbs
Ryan Stubbs@ryanstubbs · Developer and writer
I came across Trakt a while ago and even built my own little 'check-in' mobile web app using their API so I'm a big fan. The new design looks amazing!
Justin Nemeth
Justin NemethMaker@barnt · Co-founder,
@ryanstubbs Glad you like it Ryan, thanks!
Stefan Wild
Stefan Wild@stefanwild · Co-Founder,
Love the polished look and the numbers are impressive. From what I've seen the API is pretty solid, too. I'm sending you an e-mail about integrating with – very excited about this.
Justin Nemeth
Justin NemethMaker@barnt · Co-founder,
@stefanwild Nice Stefan, the timer based approach to comments while watching whenever is awesome. We've had similar ideas, so its cool to see someone build it!
Brett Hardin
Brett Hardin@brett_hardin · Developer
I'm a huge fan of goodreads and searched for a bunch of products that did what Trakt does. What made me choose Trakt over the other's was the external API. Thanks guys for making an awesome product.
Justin Nemeth
Justin NemethMaker@barnt · Co-founder,
@brett_hardin Awesome, thanks Brett! The API has enabled a ton of awesome apps and integrations, glad you're making use of it too.