Track your luggage while traveling.

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I like "narrow" products like this, clear need for this, clear purpose, clear context en a friendly looking product to use.
Cool product, would definitely use this for equipment that we carry overseas for field testing. Biggest fear is luggage getting lost. I gotta say though, your homepage really gave my fingers a workout - maybe a tad much? I'm probably just nitpicking though :)
@iorahul I second that use case. For personal trips, I'm not concerned enough to use a product like this. But laying thousands of dollars worth of studio equipment in the hands of an airline... my worries would be greatly relieved with a personal luggage tracker.
@extremelyn Right. Robots in my case, but same deal ;)
How does this differ from products like Tile and StickNFind?
@acondurache I believe Trackdot also uses GSM to communicate wirelessly. Tile and StickNFind only use Bluetooth...
I've added Travel Radar to the related links, they're trying to do the same but with iBeacon technology
Keep making them smaller and smaller as you grow, please. Love the current design too.