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Liam Gooding
@liamgooding · CEO, Trak.io
Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself as the cofounder & CEO of Trak.io If anyone has any problems getting setup, feel free to email us on hello@trak.io and we're happy to help with code setup or metrics strategy in general. I'm available to Skype with founders anytime (bonus points if you're willing to jump onto an audio call and let me record it f… See more
Joe Anderson
@anderson760 · Designer
@liamgooding I noticed that the product tracks retention. How fine are the controls on that? Weekly/monthly cohort analysis is something I am very interested in. Love the simplicity of the design in terms of displaying what matters quickly and boldly
Liam Gooding
@liamgooding · CEO, Trak.io
@Anderson760 Hi Joe, right now it's a little dependant on how you're sending the events (i.e. 'signed in') as to how you'd best set this up. Because of the increased volume of use cases and scenarios we've had because of todays launch, we've actually realised we're missing a few reporting parts around retention (specifically, easily reporting on it) so we'r… See more