Building the reputation graph of the world

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I love their vision of building a reputation graph of a user. Pretty useful when I'm transacting on a collaboration marketplace service like Airbnb or Lyft .
Seemed like a good idea. Started signing up and connecting all my profiles to it. Then got to CoinBase integration and got this: "Traity will be able to: Debit an unlimited amount of money from your account, request, buy, and sell bitcoin, view your transaction history, and edit your account settings" Seriously? WTF? No thanks. Disconnected everything and deleted my account.
@FelixReznik the founder messaged me now saying that their developer had made a mistake and did not add the permission limit to just viewing.He wants to thank you for your feedback and let you know it has been fixed now
@kwdinc yeah got a msg on Twitter from him.
None of the sign up buttons work on my Android device browser. Will have to pass.