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Hello people of Product Hunt! First of all, shout out to Özgür Özer for the submission, many thanks! trainspottr.fm is an app that gives you all the music shared out by pages you follow in Facebook, in one big playlist (and of course individual page playlists). I created it in my spare time over the last year, as I realised that all these producers and bands I was liking on Facebook were actually sharing out really great music, but I wasn't seeing any of it in my Facebook feed... I realised that this is a goldmine of music (new tracks from your favourite bands, as well as direct recommendations from them too), but there was no easy way to listen to it. As a music lover, this was a little bit frustrating. So, over the next year trainspottr.fm was born :) It works by following all the music related pages you like on Facebook, and then extracting Youtube and Soundcloud links in the posts from these pages. It actually grabs embeds from webpages linked as well, so if someone shares out a blog post of "top 10 tracks of the summer" you'll get those 10 tracks in your feed. So online music mags like Pitchfork, FACT Magazine, Electronic Beats etc. are totally covered. I'm really interested to hear feedback from the Product Hunt community. Looking forward to your comments! And thank you all for your taking the time to check it out! Max
My new favorite player, any plans for desktop?
Concept looks good. Are you going to play the audio/video uploaded from fb? or search the same title from some other place and play it?
@evivz Thanks! I've thought about it, but from what I've seen most people use fb video for supplemental content (in the studio clips, backstage, etc) rather than full tracks. But that's just from what I've personally seen, I'll need to collect some data on it
@mfc83 You either didnt understand my question. I am asking what is source in your app? Say I played a funny video from my timeline. So do you play it from fb or you grab it store on your server and paly? how you do it?
@evivz Ohh right, yes I did misunderstand the question. It only plays Youtube and Soundcloud links. If a page you like shares a track on Soundcloud or Youtube, it plays that exact track from Soundcloud or Youtube. It's primarily for music discovery at the moment, so I'm focussing on those two platforms and expanding to support Spotify and Deezer links soon. I would absolutely love to support Mixcloud links, but their API doesn't allow 3rd party apps to stream their content, so it's a non-starter.
Interesting, how is it different from http://musicfeed.co
Hi @johan_mickelin, thanks for the link. musicfeed.co is a great app, and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't do a lot of what trainspottr.fm does. But here's a few key differences: - trainspottr.fm isn't just artists. You can follow: music mags, radio stations, radio shows, blogs, communities and more. You'll find FACT, Vice, NTS Radio, Pitchfork, Beats in Space, Electronic Beats and Noisey on trainspottr.fm for example - The trainspottr.fm feeds are newest first. Whenever you log in, you get the latest shares at the top. My musicfeed feed seems to be a jumbled collection of tracks shared out over the last 2 years in seemingly reverse order (oldest first). Could be a bug with this current version, but, I want the latest first! - trainspottr.fm digs into links that are posted for embedded music. So you don't only get posts that contain direct links to tracks, but also tracks embedded in blog posts, charts, singles round ups, interviews etc. - Comparing the tracks in artist feeds between the two apps, there's some holes in some of the musicfeed.co pages I looked into (Disco Halal for example, their latest release they've been posting about for the last month isn't there at all). But trainspottr also doesn't have a lot of tracks that musicfeed.co is attributing to artists. I'm not sure where these are coming from, but it's not Facebook. - Rather than just a feed of tracks out of context, we show the message the page posted about the track in the feed itself, and you can check out the original link to read the post, interview, review etc. while listening.
@mfc83 nice breakdown, thanks for clarifying! :)
Love the concept, but mine is surfacing a bunch of podcasts (and in one notable case, a baleen whale call thanks to Discover Magazine) -- is there a way to filter so I just see music?
@jacobbendicksen you got a baleen whale call in your feed? That's a feature, not a bug! ;) But seriously, regarding podcasts in the feed, I understand this isn't ideal and I'll be filtering out certain categories of tracks server side soon. trainspottr.fm is just for music after all. In the meantime, if most of the podcasts are coming from the a certain page or pages, you can simply unfollow them in the "Following" screen. trainspottr.fm attempts to only follow music related pages when you sign up, but some border line cases can make it in. Hope that helps, and thanks for checking out trainspottr.fm!