Training for Tinder

Parody dating game with a twist and a bunch of swipes!



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Daniel Flamaropol
Daniel FlamaropolMaker@daniflamaropol · Founder, T-Me Games
Training for Tinder started as a joke :) We were wondering if we'd have more success on Tinder if we just swiped right as fast as we could (we probably wouldn't have) and ended up with the idea of an automatic swiping app (how sad is that - and it's been done before, anyway). After a few meetings, beers and lots of laughts it evolved into something that should make people laugh as well as let them exercise swiping without any consequence. The main idea is to swipe right only on faces that match some basic characteristics that we provide. Hair color, age, glasses, smiles, etc. As players progress through the different levels, the complexity and dificulty increases. It's not that easy to pick smiling blondes when they're travelling at lightspeed past your swiping finger :D. We could probably use more level balancing but we've already played the same levels so many times that we just can't tell what is hard and what is easy anymore. We tried to steer away of anything that could be considered offensive, it's just for laughs anyway. Let us know if we failed and we'll try to improve :) Here are some promo codes if you want to check it out: HNEFH639LNAM ALP9M6FKXR3J 6E39EFKMPH3J Y6TRR4NAW3AW PLNHR4NARK4M Any comments are appreciated. It's our first decent-looking game and we're eager for feedback. Just as a side note, our next project is vastly different, a dark underground action puzzler. We're not all fun and games.
T-Me Games
T-Me GamesMaker@tmegames · Game dev, T-Me Games
We'll be at GamesCom in Cologne next week! We're social beasties (well, two of us at least) so give us a shout-out if you're also coming, let's meet! :)
Ioanina ツ
Ioanina ツ@ioanina · All Things Copy @ T-Me Studios
This is tons of fun, even for someone like me who's had Tinder for a whole hour before uninstalling:)) The parody angle, quick-reflex challenges and cartoonish "profile pics" are vastly more fun to swipe on than the real deal with real implications in the real world :)