Trails is your ultimate guide to the outdoors! If you are an outdoor fitness enthusiast or just love to adventure in nature, you’ll love Trails.

We've got more than 100,000 trails and route guides from over 1500 guidebooks covering 24+ outdoor activities from hiking, mountain biking and walking to fishing, birding and kayaking.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Beautifully designed and fantastic way to discover new trails! The professional guides also enrich the hiking experience.
👋 One of the makers here! For months we’ve been working hard to overhaul the product, improve it and make it into something we can be proud of. Our team is really anxious yet excited to put the app out there. We only have coverage of the US and Canada, for now :( so apologies to PHers from outside of North America. Lots of work still to do, of course. We are all here to listen to your feedback and comments and we would love to know what you think.
@alxmlv Yes, I'm for anything that makes it easier to enjoy the outdoors more. Do you have global reach or is content focused on specific areas for now?
@abadesi Only the US and a bit of Canada right now. We are constantly working on improving the breadth and the depth of our trail database. Even in the US some states and national parks could use more curation, content and depth. We are planning to expand worldwide, at some point, of course. Thanks!
@alxmlv any smart wearable integration? My phone is always dying. iPhone battery...
@vladkorobov We have offline support for maps & trail guides, so they are accessible w/o connectivity, which certainly helps save battery life. First up will be Garmin Connect + import/export for GPX/FIT files.
Great looking product
@micalaua Thanks! Major credit goes to our designer/illustrator who's done an amazing job.

A must-have for hiking enthusiasts! So many trails to choose from & I love that I can share my pictures and record trail routes right from the app.


As a premium member, I can save guides and maps and have access to them even when I have no service!



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