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I hunted the original version of Trailer Town a couple of months ago, but today they have released a major new version, which I've been testing for a couple of days and it's completely awesome. My favorite new feature is the calendar, which allows me to stay updated and hyped with trailers at the same time!
@mbavio Thanks Martin, and I’m glad you like the Film Calendar! Since putting up our beta site in January we’ve learned a lot. We took everything back to the drawing board and focused our efforts on making version 1.0 the site we’ve been dreaming about. The best place to watch movie trailers has always been in a movie theater. But obviously we’re all seeing them – usually for the first time – on the internet now. My go-to place for watching them online was YouTube, and while YouTube is great at online video, we started to feel like we wanted more out of an online trailer-watching experience. So Trailer Town is the answer to what we wanted. We try to treat each trailer not simply as a video, but as an important part of the film it’s previewing, and as a cinematic entity that deserves some theatricality! Beyond that, we’re on a mission to add as many trailers as possible so you can always start a trailer search at Trailer Town. And we’re stoked about our Latest Trailers feed, where we’re posting the new stuff for everyone to see right when it comes out. So that’s that! Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions. I’ll be here all day. We really hope you have fun with Trailer Town. 🍻
Been following this one since it was just an idea. The new version looks and feels amazing. My absolute go to for movie trailers. The new calendar is really useful! Good job everyone!
@heymichaelway Thanks Michael! I'm glad you like the film calendar. We worked really hard on getting the content in for it. Next stop is getting every trailer ever!
What are the updates?
@bentossell For this version we started from scratch on the design and branding, the code, the way we structure and display the content, and the actual content itself, so lots of updates. If I had to highlight just a few they’d be this: - we built the film calendar for ideal browsing by release date - we added an instant search for films - we added film details such as genre, cast/crew, synopsis - we enabled instant filtering of films by genre or emphasis level And if I may, a few smaller details I’m excited about: we now adapt the player size for different aspect ratios, use film “title card” images in film lists, and officially brought theater mode to the player. And there’s more to come!
@jifarris I don't mean to be blunt but is there really a big enough audience for trailers in this context? I feel that everytime a new trailer comes out, people just see it on YouTube/Facebook... Not sure I see the real value here... maybe I'm just not the desired user.
@bentossell There are many places to watch trailers online and that’s great! Similarly there are many places to read movie reviews online, for instance. But when a site like Rotten Tomatoes brings them all together in a well-organized way it can easily become one’s go-to place for reviews. In our case the goal was to take a “focus on doing one thing and do it really well” approach. A site all about movie trailers could be *really* good at movie trailers and we think that’s something many people will find value in. But whether we end up with a large audience or just a small community of trailer lovers, we’re happy to have built a site that (at the very least) we ourselves like using.
When I try going full screen on a trailer this is all I get - . I'm using Chrome Version 47.0.2526.73 (64-bit) on OSX 10.10.5.
@arunpattnaik Thanks for reporting that bug. I found that in some cases, when full screen was activated, Chrome was resetting our “fade in” animation for the video but not re-*running* it (so it was stuck at zero opacity in your case). Should be fixed now!