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Thanks @mackflavelle for the hunt. I'm the PM @ Trailer Puppy. Trailer Puppy programmatically generates a 15 second version of every trailer as soon as the original trailer is released. The short trailers are surprisingly effective in getting the message across without spoiling the entire movie. In addition to watching short mini trailers, you can also: 1. Watch the original trailers 2. Set reminders when the movie is released in theaters, netflix, or bitTorrent (more coming) 3. Browse trailers of movies that have recently been released in theaters, netflix, or torrent: Happy to answer any questions you have!
@jacksonc Good news for movie lovers. Would be nice if have some filter based on genre.
Great site! @jacksonc How are the 15 second versions created? Programmatically or manually?
@philipsajeesh thanks Sajeesh - that's something we're exploring
@joostschuur they're done programatically
@jacksonc Fascinating. Wouldn't mind reading a more technical blog post on that.
I am in heaven. I am a trailer addict. Try and never miss one. Now I never will.
@mywoisme awesome! there's also a setting on the homepage to show indie trailers if you're really fiending for more content :)
Awesome site! Love the 15 sec trailers!
@thepeterzhao Thanks! They're fully automated.
As much as I want to visit the site, I try to avoid movie trailers. 😁
@rrhoover I'm the same way. You should check out the 15 second trailers - they're so much better because you get a solid feel for the movie without spoiling anything. Here's a couple as an example: