Monitor your files and react upon unwanted modification

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Néstor Palao
Cofounder at
Hi community! We have just launched Trailbot, a simple way to react in real-time to potentially unwanted manipulation of your files and logs. Current security solutions are based on an obsolete paradigm: building walls and fences. Companies advertise their overcomplicated perimeter security systems as if they were impenetrable. But nevertheless we hear everyday about cyber security breaches at even the largest corporations. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” the perimeter will get breached. In any case walls and fences will not protect you at all from internal breaches and insider threats. Furthermore, most data resides nowadays in the cloud, where walls, borders and fences fade and blur. With Trailbot you can rest assured of the integrity of your data, being it a system log or any other important file. It doesn't matter if an outsider got access to your systems or an insider decided to go rogue—you are now in control. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback!
Manpreet SinghFounder of iPhoneBites
Can you explain the term "Unwanted Modification"?
Spencer Truman
CTO @Stampery
@just_manpreet "Unwanted Modifications" means attackers tampering with your files. One common case is intruders removing content from log files for wiping the trail of their attack.