21 Badass Muslim Women In London you should know about

A visual series created to celebrate the incredible Muslim women in London. Featuring women from diverse industries, with an individual desire to reinvent their spaces; to transform the restrictive narratives of the Muslim woman - with an undeniable determination to positively disrupt the industries they respectively inhabit.

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Hey Everyone! I'm really excited to share this with the world. I came up with this idea of producing an inspiring squad shoot featuring 21 like minded Muslim women, in January after being inspired by the many squad shots and creative/business "lists", The project curated through photography, is a visual collection of 21 portraits and a squad shot featuring Muslim Women in London, who come from various industries, but all of whom are movers and shakers in their own right. These are women who have been chosen based on their individual desire desire to reinvent the world, to change the expected narrative around Muslim women and positively disrupt the industries they respectively inhabit. This is amongst the first of the visual series I will be producing this year. All will aim to create conversation around cultural issues. This was curated in a limited time we do acknowledge that this is a small sample of the amazing Muslim women in the UK. The team and I hope to produce the series on a larger scale with a more extensive list of women in 2019. See the full series on Zainabk.com πŸ’» / instagram.com/_zaikhan Photography by: Maaria Lohiya, instagram.com/Justmebreathing The series was also featured in Buzzfeed :) So excited that there is a series like this, it's something that I could have used when I was growing up. Please do leave us your thoughts below! Best Zainab
@_zaikhan will you be doing the same for other religions?
@scotty_bowler Hey Scott, Great question. We will be doing these annually but are focusing on Muslim women as that's an identity of mine and is a personal passion project for me more so. It would be awesome to see Badass women squad shoots for other religions so might need to partner up with some other creatives!
Yaaaas @_zaikhan! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
@lamaalrajih Thanks so much!! :D
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