Trailblazer maps out your journey across the web

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This is very well designed and thought out. I lose track of browser tabs ALL THE TIME. The tutorial is well created and makes understanding the extension very simple. Well done, @darklordandy!
@_allenstone Many thanks for your kind words, Allen! Although, I can't take much credit for the onboarding, that was the work of the esteemable @mattkennedy and @glsignal :)
Hey folks! Andy from Trailblazer here. I have to say it was one helluva surprise waking up to this :) Trailblazer is *super* beta right now, but we'd love to invite you fine hunters in for an early preview! If you sign up today and opt into the "Danger Zone", you'll get an invite within an hour of signing up. If you have any questions or suggestions, fire them up here. :)