The real cost of bad design and how we can fix it (book)

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Jonathan ShariatMaker@designuxui
Thanks Violeta! Hello everyone, I'm the author. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the book. The story of Jenny resonated with myself and so many others and the suggestions I had come up with at the end of my article came way short. I knew I needed to go deeper on how design effects our lives in very real ways, more than just a lost customer, there is ethics to design we must consider. Bad design can cause physical harm, emotional harm, exclusion, and injustice. I'm humbled at the opportunity O'Reilly has given me to write this book and I want to do this topic justice because its so important. Along side the book I am launching a newsletter that will be sharing stories about designs effect on our lives, updates on the book, and ways we can take action.
Joshua Dance@joshdance · Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
@designuxui When I saw this I wondered if it was related to Jenny. Didn't know they were the same author. Nice work!
Violeta NedkovaHunter@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
It starts with this Medium post - I think it's a great idea for a book and Jonathan (the author) told me he'll be sending the first story to subscribers this week (yay!).
@designuxui @v4violetta This is an interesting piece as it's not just about how UX can save a life, but also how UX can actively make it more difficult to save a life. I've worked for company creating software for pharmacists and, the result of training a computer user to click OK to everything resulted in the pharmacist prescribing the system default dosage of a drug which resulted in somebody's death. Of course the pharmacist should check what he prescribes, and the software should make it easier to not kill people.
Design2Dev@arturmakly · CEO | & JuicyCanvas
Thanks for caring to write this book. Especially as design is becoming more and more of a commodity and becoming marginalized by entrepreneurs ( in all fields ).. perhaps this can be a site where you provide a 'tear-down' of existing products? and offer a live Q/A-type workshop for people's mvps?
Darius Dan@idariusdan · Designer & Self-Starter
Congrats and good luck!
Jonathan ShariatMaker@designuxui
Thanks Joshua!