Track your games collection and see what friends are playing

Traga was created by games for games. We love video games and you probably do too. So we created this platform to share and keep track of the games we enjoy playing.

Create a list let your friends know what you are playing and see what everyone else is playing. You might discover some gales that will blow your mind.

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Amrith Shanbhag
Community at Opal ๐Ÿ’Ž Board of Gen-Z ๐Ÿ
What features are you planning on adding to this next, @shaneben23?
Shane B
@amrith, I'm working on allowing users to add comments and tips to games and a news update section. And I'm also open to suggestions.
Eli OrFront End Developer, Dynamic Yield
Lol, this is literally the first project I tried to do when I first started programming! I said tried because I never finished it (struggled too much with NodeJS, bower and the sort)... ah good times!