Control the traffic flow

Traffix is a minimalist traffic simulator from the Indie game studio Infinity Games.
Within a calming atmosphere, the player has to control the flow of traffic by tapping on the lights on the right moment to change their color and manage the flow.
  • Pedro Bento
    Pedro BentoMarketeer

    Very beautiful game!


    Doesn't have my hometown hihi

    My new favorite mobile game!

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  • Pros: 

    Very beautiful and clean graphics. Smooth animations.


    No cons until now

    It gets harder each level, but not hard as it would made you to give up. Just hard enough! Very good job!

    Tauan Vivekananda has used this product for one day.
The occasional random behavior of a small subset of cars made it five stars over four IMO. Trying not to spoil things... sorry. Can't wait to discover more wonderful surprises in this great game!