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Help stop sex trafficking by uploading photos of your hotel

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Perhaps the hotels themselves should be uploading those photos by law. Seems like they'd get participation a lot quicker this way
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@jeshalom that is what I thought. Seems like a much better way to do it. Especially because the overlap of smartphone users who care about this and use the app, and hotel rooms that need to be photographed might be lower than hoped for.
@jeshalom I'm guessing hotels have a disinterest in being associated with sex trafficking.
@chrismessina nobody needs to know. Law enforcement should be discrete in situations like these.
@chrismessina @jeshalom All the more reason to participate. Could be a PR win if they play it well.
This kind of blew my mind The dark reason why you should always take pictures of your hotel room If you upload a photo of a hotel room, law enforcement can try and match the room to photos they find online of sex traffickers posting photos, since they're often taken in hotel rooms, and help them catch the scum bags.
Great cause. Apps like this are ideal for something like a Messenger bot — even if you only do it once, it helps, and for causes such as this one you want to reduce friction for submitting photos as much as possible.
Amazing idea
Great idea! Question: What are the photos submitted to? Straight to a local PD?