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Thanks Neeraj Thakur for hunting us! As a stock trader I learned to trade the markets the hard way, blowing up trading accounts until I finally came across the only “holy grial” that would make me or anyone have consistent profits. That was Money Management. Back in those days I developed a simple web tool to keep track of my numbers and teamed up afterwards with Pato to build TradingLog, which we believe is a must for every trader willing to take their trading seriously. Today we are working on adding more features like social sharing of trading activities in real-time, plugins for popular trading platforms to avoid manual input, and many more. As a sign of gratitude we are sharing these promo codes for iOS: NY933W3XXKW3 HKTMFXF9JHWM 46EYLYFFA7R3 L4JXATFJJP4T JRMJR7FKJPTX 6MFXRPYJWHXJ 3MKLYMNPAA3X P9K4NR6PERNM NPEKW63YM6FK J6FP7EMM3RNL Earn well.
@lropero All the best! :)
Keep track of your trading activities and ease money management by calculating your stats.
Cool idea! Does it sync up to Interactive Brokers?
@dalarossa Hi Otávio, we appreciate your interest in the app :) TradingLog can be used with any broker (IB, Mirus, AMP, etc.) because data is fed into the app manually by the user, so it's broker independent. For future releases we're planning to integrate it with common trading platforms such as Ninja and MetaTrader in order to facilitate user input, but this is not the case today. Please let us know if you have further questions, best!