Reward-based music discovery app

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David Quiñones
David Quiñones@daquinons · Programmer
I love the idea! This is actually a problem to solve. I'm a pro user in Spotify and I like to take a look to the "New releases" section to discover new artists. I thought that this process is kind of broken so it definitely gets my upvote!
Miguel Leite
Miguel LeiteMaker@mikegameiro · Co-founder, Tradiio
@dalequi Hi David, I'm Miguel, CMO of Tradiio. That's so nice to hear! We're pretty excited with our launch and every feedback is important to us. Please let me know if you want to know more about Tradiio! Cheers!
Diogo Teles
Diogo TelesHunter@diogocteles · Product Lead
Tradiio is available in Portugal for a couple of months but today it looks like they launched to the world. I can say that for a long time I'm pretty hooked on this music discovery app. Having fun investing and being a talent scout. Now it's your turn. Hope you enjoy it.
Miguel Leite
Miguel LeiteMaker@mikegameiro · Co-founder, Tradiio
On Tradiio users scout for new music talent and help artists’ careers by virtually invest in them. We just launched officially on the UK market with rewards for both artists and users. We’re giving 1000 extra coins to all the Product Hunt Community! Please follow this link: . We're waiting for your feedback :)
Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Nice concept - unique take on gamified music discovery. Where's the catalogue from? My searches of the inventory don't turn up many results of exciting new bands who've dropped last few months.
Miguel Leite
Miguel LeiteMaker@mikegameiro · Co-founder, Tradiio
Hey Derek, Great that you liked it. Artists upload tracks directly! We're concentrating on the UK Market right now, so you'll find a majority of emerging and unsigned artists there. Artists are uploading new tracks everyday, so expect a lot of moves on the Tradiio charts on the following weeks! @dshan
Noah Buscher
Noah Buscher@nhbschr
Wow! I can't wait to get into this! WOW.
Miguel Leite
Miguel LeiteMaker@mikegameiro · Co-founder, Tradiio
@nhbschr and we can't wait to have there! Any feedback is welcomed! :)