Learn trade skills online.

Tradskills is a platform for making a trade education more accessible. Tradeskills started around a simple goal: to develop an online pathway that helps people explore and learn the trades.

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A massive shortage of trade workers is forming all across the country as the baby-boomer generation continues to retire. The tech community could play a significant role in addressing the deficit by making it more accessible to receive a trade education online. Bonus: Moses Finlay, the 12 year old developer at Tradeskills, was recently featured on Treehouse! It's great to see young makers like Moses producing awesome products. I look forward to seeing more of his work for years to come.
Aloha Everyone, 🌴 👋 We’re really excited to launch Tradeskills! For decades our country has looked down upon, ignored and even disparaged career paths that involve working with your hands. Our schools long ago stopped encouraging kids to explore and pursue the trades. With the closure of many vocational training resources across the country, we’ve actually made it more difficult than ever for people to learn basic trade skills. Our goal is to help fix the problem by developing an online pathway for people anywhere to explore and learn the trades. We are starting off with appliance repair as that’s the trade I am most skilled at. Our goal is to add more trades as soon as resources allow. Currently, we help pay the bills by selling the appliances we’ve fixed while filming repair videos. So the more training video’s we make, the more profitable we are. 😂 Shout out to @ryancarson and @jordanedmonds for all their support and encouragement. Also, @chadwhitaker for the hunt! We’re a small team right now, but we have a big goal! Help people everywhere learn skills that will change their life. Your support, encouragement, and feedback are super valuable to us! - Ryan
@ryanfinlay The screenshots show 200$ instead of $200
@cody_coe One of our developers has a habit of writing the $ after the number. I've said something about a dozen times. I just shared your comment with him 😂
This is awesome! I talked to the of one of the tradesman unions here and they’re having a really tough time finding people.