The world’s premier fantasy cryptotrading app

TradePlayz is the world's premiere fantasy crypto trading platform. We put the power in our users’ hands to play the cryptocurrency market in a completely secure, low-risk environment. They simply call it how they see it, UP or DOWN, based on their research, then pay to play and the winners get rewarded.

One platform to play them all! It's an educational tool as much as a game. We're betting that our users take the confidence and education they've developed from using TradePlayz and use it to go out and hold positions in the real markets. With TradePlayz you will:

Play against real people in PvP tournaments;

Analyze and learn the crypto markets;

Win real cryptocurrency;

Learn and share experiences with other people;

Apply your gained knowledge to the real world.

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Hey ProductHunt! First of all – it is great to be here. My name is Alex, and I am the founder of TradePlayz. I speak on behalf of my entire team when I say that the whole team is ecstatic to be sharing our platform with you. The platform provides you with the opportunity to compete against real people in your ability to analyze the crypto-market. We took the best from fantasy sports, binary options and online poker: MTT and SnG tournaments with dozens of playable variations and interactions. And also the best from trading: cryptocurrency quotations with their insane volatility. We've put a lot of work into TradePlayz and building it to be the Monopoly of the Digital Age, but with actual, real rewards based on our ZED coin. Right now there is no entry fee, but rewards are real! We have an international team of crypto, gaming and trading fans coming from backgrounds like tech, marketing, and management, and together we have created this platform. Our feature here on Product Hunt means a lot to us. We would like to invite you to try out and bug test the TradePlayz app. Please, feel free to give us your opinions \ feedback here or in our Telegram group. The user experience is our top priority so we welcome any and all of your comments!
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The biggest problem with Cryptocurrency right now is lack of good information about them. Many people either think they are a total scam (they are not) or they are just throwing money into whatever coin or ICO that pops up. TradePlayz gives people a chance to see what this world is like with no risk.


Great concept, letting people get a safe taste of crypto, then letting them dive in when they are more comfortable.


None that I can see.

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This is the perfect way to put it! Thanks for your review!

Stock trading simulations have been used for decades now and many beginners find them useful. They are also used for behavioral economics studies to understand trading behavior. Its about time we have something similar for the crypto world.


Understand your own trading behavior and preferences and learn about cryptocurrency markets without having to invest any money


Just started using it, so havent found bugs yet

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Tradeplayz has 4.3/5 rating in Icobench. It is one of the most trustworthy ico.


Of course yes


One of the best icos.

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Unfortunately there are a lot of scam projects over there, 95% of them even don't have a product!

Will there be early adopter bonus points ? Just wondering


It's an amazing idea. Incorporates gamification where it is meant to be


Inclusion of other crypto ?

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Thanks for your review mate, we're making a lot of interesting thing, and it will be released very soon;)
Thanks for the review