A show about products you know, with the insights you don’t.

Patrick Campbell and Hiten Shah break down what people think about popular products on their new video show Tradeoffs. They analyzed 1000s of survey responses to understand how people really feel about some of the biggest products on the market.
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Hi 👋 Product Hunt community! I’m really excited to launch my new video show with @patticus. Both of our teams worked together to create something that hasn’t been done before. We pick popular products to do research on and share everything we learn. We ran a product/market fit and net promoter score surveys and then analyze the results. This is exactly what you should be doing with your own products. We want to hear what you think of the show, watch the first episode and let us know!
@patticus @hnshah congrats! Looking forward to checking this out.
👏🏼 Glad to see this out there. Can you share a list of some of the upcoming guests, @hnshah?
@rrhoover no guests unless you count the products :) We’ve got Evernote, G Suite, Dropbox, Microsoft 365, Spotify and a surprise “product” too. 8 episodes in total.
Pumped to launch this new series with @hnshah. Bringing together data and analysis is something we're both passionate about, so we're excited to share these insights. Let us know what you all think. :)
Curious, how/where do you run these surveys?
Great content. Added to my weekly “reading” list.