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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 05, 2017




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Hasan Akgün@hasanakg
You have to pay at least €19,00 to see what jobs are listed. Great idea, thanks.
N/AMaker@heynastudio · Graphic Design Studio
@hasan_akgun We are working on that, soon we will some of the available jobs listed on our website :)
N/AMaker@heynastudio · Graphic Design Studio
@hasanakg We already updated the website, now you can see some of the available jobs 😊
N/AMaker@heynastudio · Graphic Design Studio
Hey Hunters! We are super excited to announce our newest project — #TradeForDesign #TradeForDesign connects creatives and business owners that want to exchange their services instead of money. Last year we launched For Design and since then we have been traveling the world exchanging design for services or products. We believe that anyone has the potential to change the world, and design can help them to achieve their goals. But sometimes the people that need the most are the ones that don't have enough money to invest in it. Since we received so many applies from all over the world we decided to expand it and let other people do it too. Join now to start your new adventure, and if you join with your friends you can get up to 50% discount! We can't wait to hear what you think. Send us an e-mail — hello@fordesign.io — or drop a comment here. ✌️ — Ana & Tiago
Marko Islamovic@marko_is · Founder @ gigrove
This is kind of copying the concept we have at GigRove.. Not cool 👎
Pedro H. Marques@marques_ph · Entrepreneur, zeeplabs.com
@marko_is imo, competition is healthy. Thrive at execution and marketing and that ("copying", which is relative by the way) shouldn't be a problem. On the contrary. Everybody wins: your product, the competitor's, users, hosts.
Dylan Marriott@dylan36032 · Software Engineer
@marko_is I feel like TradeForDesign is more focused on Devs & Designers. Your thing, which is amazing too, seems to have a broader scope.
Levi Bostian@levibostian · Indie Android & iOS developer.
@marques_ph @marko_is Agreed. People want to fix their problems in their life. They will choose the best solution to the problem they have. So, be the better solution. Also, "kind of copying" is the way a lot of competitors are. They are "kind of" competitors. Markets are big, needs are large, it's healthy. Keep building! Rock on! ❤️
Marko Islamovic@marko_is · Founder @ gigrove
@levibostian @marques_ph @dylan36032 Frankly, it's quite flattering, we've seen many copycats so far, I'm just saying personally I don't think it's in a interest of a creator to copy things: It's like cheating on your own abilities. But what's usually common for all copycats is that they just want to make a quick buck. When you build things only for that reason, it's very hard to keep things going. Anyways, wow! What's with all this entrepreneurial advices that I'm getting haha!? :D Go trade your knowledge and help someone, not me! :) Take care.
Pedro H. Marques@marques_ph · Entrepreneur, zeeplabs.com
@marko_is it's not about entrepreneurial advice, but how you see it is really up to you. Being first to market, which I don't even know if it's your case, does not mean you'll be the winner. Ask Yahoo.
Leo Bassam@leobassam · Founder, CEO at Plutio.com
Very interesting concept
N/AMaker@heynastudio · Graphic Design Studio
@loaibassam Thank you!
Arjun Tuli@arjun_tuli · Founder, Knowledge Maps
Interesting product. I am working on something similar. For people who are looking for alternatives, please give Stay On Skill a go - https://www.producthunt.com/post...