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Tradably aims is to improve accountability and transparency in the increasingly noisy investments space.

✔ Get the latest actionable investment ideas

✔ No backdating of investment ideas

✔ Create and share your audited virtual portfolio

✔ Engage in discussions with fellow users

✔ Track the performance of ideas you heard from elsewhere

  • Jon Lim
    Jon Liminvestor, vc.

    Simple, transparent, reliable, no gimmicks, easy to get recognized. +1!!


    still building up the community.

    Been using Tradably for awhile, have seen how fast they iterate and work on customer feedback, and am impressed.

    Sure, they started out slow and buggy, but given their trajectory, i'm very sure that they will become the next big thing in fintech.

    I use it to showcase my investment prowess, and have people who are serious investors following me as i share the trades I make, and the rationale behind tehm.

    It's so easy to get discovered and recognized. No need to do whatever marketing and story-telling as per many other channels.

    Jon Lim has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Seamless, intuitive, very easy to use.


    Needs a bit more ideas.

    I really love how you can see exactly how profitable every user is. Now you can find real investment experts.

    Abby Teo has used this product for one day.
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Nigel Teo
Nigel TeoMaker@nigel_teo · Helping people make better investments.
Hi everyone, I am the Co-Founder of Tradably. As a former trader myself, I discovered that the way investment content is currently being shared and distributed facilitates fake and conflicted content since they're inadequately tracked for its influence and accuracy against how the market moves. Thus, consumers have difficulty determining who they can trust and contributors have difficulty rising above the noise - especially so when they are skilled investors, but not necessarily skilled in marketing or copy-writing. Hence, we came up with Tradably, which allows them to share their insights effortlessly, while concurrently building up their track record, promoting transparency and accountability. If you have any questions or suggestion, please feel free to ask or share. Thank you!
Jon Lim
Jon Lim@jl212 · investor, vc.
@nigel_teo Thanks for building this awesome product. You're amazing, and I wish you all the best in the change you are driving. The investment industry is really too fraught with conflicts of interests and people trying to manipulate the markets. stay the course, and don't sell-out like so many others.
Nigel Teo
Nigel TeoMaker@nigel_teo · Helping people make better investments.
@jl212 thanks Jon this is very encouraging! the team will be delighted to hear this feedback, and we need to push ahead to bring about positive change. Many incumbents will not like what we're doing, as it exposes the frauds, but we gotta do what we gotta do. thanks for the support!
Yaw@yawyeo · Tech geek @ Twilio
Fascinating app! I was in the beta and was testing the app. It has a clean interface, and the whole notion of being able to follow different investors (both amateur and professional), and being able to see how they trade is super interesting. I have gotten quite a bit of insights into how they think about various stock and why they choose certain positions. Highly recommend!
Nigel Teo
Nigel TeoMaker@nigel_teo · Helping people make better investments.
@yawyeo thanks Yaw! We've been working hard to bring much greater transparency and accountability to the investment space! Appreciate all your feedback & are also surprised at the quality of our contributors! Something which validates our thesis that there are truly many under recognized savvy investors out there waiting to be discovered.
Jeremy Sharvit
Jeremy Sharvit@jeremysharvit · indie developer
Cool app but please make the font larger. Its tiny!
Nigel Teo
Nigel TeoMaker@nigel_teo · Helping people make better investments.
Hi @jeremysharvit! Thanks for trying out the app and for the valuable feedback! The app does support Dynamic Type - you are able to adjust the font size on your mobile phone's settings and the change should effect in the Tradably app as well 🙂