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Congrats on the successful IndieGoGo campaign, @ArtanMansouri! I just added Tracy to the "Going to the Dogs!" collection here on Product Hunt. As someone who has spent 5 years in the pet industry, I'm very impressed by Tracy's branding and voice. I think it's great that you're using ML/AI to discover trends and alert dog owners when something may be wrong. Many of the wearable pet tech that's out there just tracks data and isn't very actionable. Are there other ways you plan to harness this data in the future? Perhaps with other brands or partners in the pet food / pet health / pet insurance space?
@giselledarlene Hey Giselle! Thanks for both crediting us for the branding and the ML/AI - two of the factors i've been personally working the most on. Like you are saying many of the trackers out there are not that actionable and we have a hard time communicating out what Tracy is really all about. Most people still take us for a regular activity monitor. If you have any advice on how to communicate that towards pet people, i'm forever thankfull. The data has so many possibilities and we actually don't have a grandios plan for that right now. All ideas and feedback are although forever appreciated!
@artanmansouri A quick thought - focus on specific problems Tracy is solving and build marketing campaigns around it. Example - Tracy notified me that my dog Oliver wasn't eating / drinking and was most likely sick. I scheduled a vet visit and was able to get him on medication before his infection developed into something more costly. If you can gain some good feedback from your early adopters / beta testers, you can use that, too. Explore problems that rank high in SEO related to dog health and find ways that you can tie Tracy into them as a solution. Reach out to influencers in the pet space for reviews and ride on your wave of good PR from your oversubscribe of the IndieGoGo campaign while it's still going on.
@giselledarlene Love your ideas. I believe in your strategy to 100%. We can't give out any samples yet however, and will probably not be able to do that during the indiegogo campaign. But influencers and testimonials will be the first priority as soon we can give out some Tracys from the first batch. I'm happy to get one in your hands too! What do you think of Tracys brand in comparison to other more common dog brands. We have targeted Young Urban Creative dog owners, hipster- tech dog owners in other words. I can imagine how our tonality is too abstract and "artsy" for many however.
Hi hunters, I'm the Founder of Tracy. Let me know if I can make myself useful and answer your questions. Looking forward to tell you more about how AI can start to save lives as soon as 2016!
@artanmansouri hey Artan, this looks cool! Love the video :)
@nivo0o0 Hey, thank you for the recognition! Alot of passion and creativity went into that video :)
Ok, and this product is my fav! I can't wait to get one for my little dog. I think Tracy Tracker is perfect for dog owners who really care abt their dog. Great work!