Weekly growth tactics for product-focused entrepreneurs

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Favo Yang
Favo Yang@favo · Make Game in Boy-and-Girl Indie Studio
I'm curious about who are behind this. And will the growth tactics be specific to your product?
James Mundy
James Mundy@_jamesmundy · Building interesting things with code
This could be great but I can't see myself paying anything until I know more about it.
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown@morganb · Author, Hacking Growth
$7 is such a weird price for this. If it's really great, it's worth way more than $7/month. If it's not really great, it's probably not worth much more than $0. It feels like the price on something like this should either be $199/mo or more...or completely free.
Timan Rebel
Timan Rebel@timanrebel · Managing Partner at NEXT Amsterdam
I think who is behind this is more important than they think. Would love to get good growth hack tips in my mail for $7/month, but they have to be good. Sharing the first email might help as well
Chris Steggles
Chris Steggles@chrissteggles · A Snowboarder.
Yes, they need to offer a free months trial so you can see how good the emails are. This would be the only way I would sign up.