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We wrote this to provide a deeper dive into 7 different tactics within traction channels we covered in our book. Some of the tactics (like PR) I've seen work really well, but we just didn't have time to fully explore the tactics in the book.
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Justin (@jwmares) and I put together this free email mini-course to illustrate what it's like to focus on a marketing channel, by showcasing cutting edge tactics in 7 traction channels: publicity, email marketing, viral marketing; existing platforms, social and display ads, engineering as marketing, and content marketing. Using the Bullseye framework from our bestselling book Traction - tractionbook.com - when you hit the Bullseye and identify the 1 traction channel out of the 19 that has a decent chance of hitting your traction goal, you double down on that channel and really focus on it. In doing so, you become an expert in it, continuously testing to uncover the cutting edge tactics within it that have amazing conversion rates. This course is a taste of what that looks like. It digs deeper than we do in the book into specific tactics within these 7 traction channels. Ask me anything about the course or book here. Independently, I'm also doing a Product Hunt AMA next Wed -- please come and really Ask Me Anything! http://www.producthunt.com/live/...
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Link doesn't work anymore, FYI
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I really loved Traction, and pre-ordered the physical copy this time just because I was cramping my hands trying to highlight everything important on my Kindle. So, thank you, this e-mail course sounds like gravy.
I've READ the book (like 100 times) and TOLD my startup traction chasing colleagues (like 100 of them) about the book. And now a COURSE. It just, gets, better! Keep up the AWESOME work Justin and Gabriel! cheers, Paul (cofounder, PopcornMetrics)
@paulmboyce Thanks Paul!