Traction API

Traction API: Let your data do your pitching

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How is this not obviously the coolest thing ever? Better, someone needs to launch an api like this one where the company sends in data and the investors can only see the category / data and don't see the company. Then the company can get inbound intros and decide whether to show who they are.
@joemellin You nailed it. Let me know if you have any questions.
Added to my All Things API Collection:
One word describes this product. Disruptive. Well done!
I'm suprised that @naval hasn't implemented a tool like this into AngelList
@naval @BlendahTom Good point. Maybe AngelList didn't do it because it doesn't work? What problem is the API solving that an AngelList manual profile doesn't already (mostly) solve?
@naval @alain94040 I would think some type of validation by data would be a positive thing at some point in the future for AngelList.
This is a great concept but there's not enough information about the methodology, the team, or the fund for me to believe in it. There's also no case studies of companies you've funded. So, great concept but I don't trust it from the website.
@TO That's fair. We need to walk before we can fly. Stay tuned.