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Really loving the traction podcast. Ton of really valuable content and the narrative format is well done.
The Traction podcast has replaced so many other startup related podcasts on my phone... mainly because I love the interview process, the awesome production quality and its created by someone in the Boston community :) . The questions that @jay_zo puts forward demand answers with real substance and are actionable by other entrepreneurs like myself. Keep up the awesome work.
@gauravdmehta This is the best thing I've read all day/week/month (year?). THANK YOU!
I am so thankful to @aacook for introducing me to Traction. Just wrapped up the book and moving on to this. Thanks!
@veronicatheblog This makes me happy. FYI Traction book is produced by different folks from this podcast. Also, there's a new edition of the book out! Just got mine today in the mail.
@veronicatheblog Hey Veronica, sorry for the late reply here. Traction the book (by Gabriel Weinberg of Duck Duck Go) is amazing. He is our guest on the next episode of our pod, also called Traction :)
@veronicatheblog Hey Veronica, as promised, this episode features Gabriel -