Traction - #13: More Women. Fewer Trolls. Better Internet.

Sandi's story creating a member-only, troll-free network

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love what you're doing with 50/50 Pledge, @sandimac. I added this to my newly created Podcast Playlist collection, a list of podcast episodes I need to listen to. 😊
Jay Acunzo
Jay AcunzoMaker@jayacunzo · Founder, Unthinkable Media
@rrhoover Hope you enjoy it Ryan! LMK if you have any feedback on the show. (PS: Would love to tell PH's early traction story if you're game!)
Sandi MacPherson
Sandi MacPhersonMaker@sandimac · Editor-in-Chief, Quibb
I really enjoyed chatting with Jay - definitely the most thoughtful podcast interview I've had! Happy to answer any questions here about whatever I ramble on about ;) Here's Quibb on PH - ... and 50/50 Pledge too -
Jay Acunzo
Jay AcunzoMaker@jayacunzo · Founder, Unthinkable Media
This was such an awesome interview to do and story to tell -- both because Quibb is a place for actually thoughtful discussions and no trolls (and it's somehow the internet?) AND because 50/50 Pledge is massively important. (Please don't judge my confessional moment in the episode too harshly though :) )