Team collaboration using @usernames and #hashtags

Some thoughts we would like to share with the PH community: Lately there have been tons of new Email Apps, especially here on PH. We believe Email is great and definitely has its use cases. However, one of the things that we’ve discovered while building and using Tracr is that it’s a much faster and lightweight approach to do Email-like communication. Tracr basically is like Twitter and Email having a baby. You wanna send someone a piece of information (file, taks, message) in a asynchronous and status based way (open, done) by simply using @usernames and #hashtags, well then definitely give Tracr a try. We know that Tracr is still rough on the edges, but wanted to collect early feedback. Feel free to send me a Trac to @alexmarktl (that's what we call a message on Tracr) or an old school Email to to give feedback or if you wanna find out more about our vision.
Hi. I'm Alex, co-founder of Tracr. Feel free to ask me any questions or give feedback.
@alexmarktl How would a team thats already using Slack (or another team chat) effectively use Tracr? Is it a competitor, or complimentary?
@lukasfittl the big difference is: Tracr is thread based (like Email) and Slack is Chat based (more like Skype). Generally we see Slack as complimentary. Internally, we use Tracr mainly for delegating Tasks (eg reporting Bugs in Apps, stuff you want someone to do, etc) but also for sending things like Links. A lot of interesting discussion can happen around that. It’s also good for sending yourself stuff you want to remember or do later.
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