Time tracker integrated with Slack

In the world of increasing complexity, simple means useful. With Tracky, you no longer need to distract yourself with a separate app or website to toggle timers; Tracky allows you to do it straight from Slack, which you probably use all the time anyway.
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Hello Hunters, My first submission. It has been around for a while but never showcased here. Also iOS version will be free of charge for a next couple of days so that you can check it out. Having worked on a pay-for-hour basis I could not find a time tracker that satisfied my needs. Having to switch to a seperate mobile app, or website felt like a hassle. My aim when creating Tracky was it to be simple and tightly integrated with Slack. Basically it is a Slack bot working together with an iOS/Android mobile app. It should mostly appeal to developers who are used to controlling programs via a command line, and find it more convenient then graphical interface. Ability to send your time report to other members of your Slack team could make it useful for a team-wide usage. Any tips on what features could be added/refined to make it a possible time tracker of choice for you are welcome.
I've been using harvest for a couple of years now (freelance programmer) after having moved off of another product (blanking on the name) after it screwed up some time sheets. It works well enough, handles my invoicing and integration with QuickBooks fairly seamlessly. My main feedback is, how can you improve upon what already works fairly well? For me, Slack integration is not something I've ever thought that I might need in my time tracking. There is probably an improvement to be made on what I use currently, I'm just not sure what it is, and it's not painful enough for me to seek out another solution. Hope that's helpful to you.
@ajsharp Thanks for your feedback!
This is super nifty- Always on the lookout for things to integrate and test out in our teams Slack!