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At every house party we have with my friends, we always fight to put a song on the Apple TV, and most of the time, we cut the song right in the middle because Youtube starts automatically. This app will make sure we listen to Backstreet Boys the whole song haha :-)
@jbrisebois I've stopped giving friends my wifi pw because when it comes to music selection at a party it just becomes Lord of the Flies
@EAWharton I'm glad to see it's a common problem !
Thank You @SkyWiiz for the post. @jbrisebois and @EAWharton so glad you enjoy it as much as we do ! We were doing it for house party at first but we are now using it at the office as well ! If any questions i'll be glad to help you out !
@Tracktl is an app to manage the music playlists of your house party. Everyone can search and add a song and people can upvote a song. It's like PH but for songs in a party. Feel free to ask any questions to the Co-Founder @LouisAubert
@SkyWiiz Attn: @rrhoover is this the first "Product Hunt for ____" reference?
@colbyh haha, no. There are several self-described "Product Hunt for X's" out there. Perhaps we should do a collection of them. :)
This is awesome. Reminds me of http://www.sonos.com/, but a simple software solution that anyone can use.
@fletchrichman thanks for the feedback ! It's one of our goal to have Tracktl integrated in sonos app !
How does this differentiate from Plug.dj?
@decktonic It's the first time I discover Plug.dj, I really like their little dancing avatars. For the little time i have been trying plug.dj, the main difference is that Plug.dj is more a Turntable like service working on a gaming/avatar/room model. With @tracktl we are doing a live collaborative playlist service to be used between friends for a party, at the office, in a wedding, venues or any other place we are at with people listening music. Each playlist is unique and has its unique URL and is linked to a moment, place or group of people. We started with the idea of stopping the battle for the music during parties over the computer or Speaker. We don't do rooms you listen from, we are more playlist for live moments where song can be added and voted up by users in the place they are at (with their real photos not avatars) and do so from any device. Vote make the playlist evolving all the time to fit the majority of users (instead of a wait in line). So we target more live moments where everyone can add his favorite song. Hope this can answer your question :) If you have any other question let me know i'll be glad to tell you more about Tracktl