Track and manage your team's travelling expenses 🚗

• Using the auto together?
• Have a company car and report expenses?
• Rented a car with friends for vacation?
• Use a family car together with siblings or share parents car?
Manage all the vehicle costs, including service, fuelling, and much more!
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Good for using car together
We got an update to the app. Surprisingly it took some effort to pass trough the Apple review team, we had to change a subscription model over the way from renewal to non-renewal subscriptions. The month of debates with the review team is over, tons of bugs fixed, we are moving forward!
we bootstrapped TrackTheAuto as a "weekends project" which actually took almost a year to complete and currently it is launched only for iOS. It grew up from my own need to keep all car related payments together. But I use a car with my own son, sometime with friends and everything was pretty complicated. Right until we do TrackTheAuto.
This looks like a cool idea! You might want to consider posting on as well :)
@hrishikesh1990 interesting, will take a look. thanks!