Easy Spotify playlist sharing and collaboration

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Neel Lukka
Neel LukkaHunter@nlukka · Gata Labs Inc.
Excited to hunt TrackStack, a great easy way to collaborate on Spotify playists. Whether its for a party, wedding or just for fun, TrackStack makes it super easy to share & collaborate. Nice work to the makers @beyondeminc & @icmdev
Hello! I'm here to answer any questions related to TrackStack ! Glad to finally be able to comment here on Product Hunt!
Neel Lukka
Neel LukkaHunter@nlukka · Gata Labs Inc.
Looping in another of the makers @m1k3_c
Mike Cowen
Mike CowenMaker@m1k3_c · CEO, iCM Development Inc.
Thanks Neel! Glad to be here. For the users of TrackStack, please bare in mind this is just a Beta. We are working on cleaning up the site's UI and moving it past the MVP.