Save time tracking your gym workout progress.

Simple yet powerful, easy to use workout tracker app for gym sessions. With a responsive web application not only does TrackMyLift act as a perfect mobile app for tracking workouts effectively but it can be used to track across all devices. 🔥
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Hey guys 👏🏻 🤓A bit about me: My name is Alan and I'm a 25 year old from Belfast, Northern Ireland! I'm a software developer and I have a passion for web development, mobile and responsive web app work! I also love working out in the gym, keeping in shape. 📲A bit about the product: So i would of always tracked my workouts using pen and paper, and i've also tried every app out there. And in my opinion they are all bloated with unnecessary functionality that really take away from the main goal of an app like this; to track, record, and look back on workouts. 💪🏻I came up with this idea as part of a personal project for me, and it quickly became apparent that others might get use out of this! So I continued! 👉 🕸Development and info: I've developed TrackMyLift as a PWA (Progressive Web Application) which can act exactly like a native app once added to the homescreen. The simplicity of this app is what makes this a winner. I've taken very powerful features and put them behind very simple UI. This gives the user a brilliant, easy to use experience while still having very powerful functionality to; - Record previous, in future workouts (arranged in "My Workouts" by date) - View & Edit recorded workouts through the same, consistent UI - Record a workout grouped by muscle group - Once muscle group is selected, the exercise list is filtered to show you exercises related to that muscle group (over 1,000 exercises in the database) with the ability to "create" your own as well within the smart select drop down. - Both the muscle group and exercises smart select are searchable. - With the smart functionality, if you've already logged a workout with the exercise in it before, it will pull in your most recent previous values. Saves time looking back in order to see how to overload or progress. - Share your workout with friends, family, or on social media. With the social sharing, a unique link will be generated for you which you can then share publicly. 7 day free trial available ✔️ 2 simple one off payment pricing options 🎉
Nice presentation Alan, definitely a better alternative to my hap hazard approach of ball parking what I lifted last time.
@maddoxjack Awesome feedback! Glad you like it! Let me know if you give it a try !
@alan_montgomery will do - caught you over on Indie Hackers too, good to see you getting it out there!
@maddoxjack It's awesome connecting with like-minded people! 🎉
Great. What stack did you use to build a PWA?
@csaba_kissi I used ReactJS, Redux, and some firebase functionality in there too paired with SASS and a responsive boilerplate
Its great, It would be greater if you can add QR codes on the equipments, you use use your phone to scan and recognises the equipments automatically and you fitness tracker band will count the reps for you.
@chethan_ss Cool idea! Thank you!