Newsfeed of updates from all your cloud apps.

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@kwdinc Thanks for the hunt. I am cofounder of Trackmemo, along with @sriyansad. Would love to answer any questions.
This looks cool. Wonder how it offers additional value over integrating your cloud apps w Slack/HipChat and the likes?
@PieterPaul Compared to Slack, we allow for comment threads, and search at the conversation level. In the future we are looking at adding ways to reuse old conversations - creating something like storify for the office and also as references in newer conversations
Trackmemo is a collaboration and productivity app that allows you track data across cloud applications, get alerted on changes, collaborate on next steps - all in one place. Also checkout
@kwdinc All these are great apps. As compared to some of the simple notification apps out there, we capture the entire change. So, for example, if you edited an 10x200 excel sheet and only updated few cells, you see what exactly has changed in your updates. Regarding chat apps, as PMs and engineers we used use Hipchat & Slack, but were frustrated with how difficult it was to find old conversations, and how often we repeated ourselves.