Time tracking and invoicing tool for freelancers

Trackly is a time tracking and invoicing tool for freelancers aimed at making the process from time tracking to invoicing easier by using automation to complete the invoice with the time tracked.

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@tommy_jespen All the best on your product launch!. I have few queries: do we need to manually turn on/off the time tracker? Also any cross-platform option, like a mobile app? i do a lot of meetings and might not carry my laptop, hence asking.
@deejthtraveller Thank you! Currently you have to manually turn it off and on, and cross-platform is definitely in the pipeline! Would love to know if people would prefer a desktop app first, or I should focus straight on mobile apps.
@tommy_jepsen i believe it depends on the kind of work. I think mobile app makes better sense as mobile is always there with you while lap/desktop might not always accompany someone.
@deejthtraveller I see your point. Thank you for the feedback. I think I'll focus on mobile apps them - also since web is available on desktop.
Great job !! 😊
Awesome - love the minimalism. Can this integrate with Stripe for invoices?
@walsh_ldn Thanks for the feedback James! No, sadly not yet. You can however add a footnote with your payment informations to a invoice and export it as a PDF-file. The Stripe integration is part of a sprint soon, so thank you for raising the question.
Nice and user-friendly
Tricky =)