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We're getting in an era of delivery and on demand services and managing delivery is a pain. With Trackin, anybody can start a delivery service without previous experience. Each piece of Trackin can be used independently or combined together to provide an awesome end-to-end experience from online ordering to last mile delivery to customer follow-up. Whether you're a restaurant, a delivery service or a delivery platform, the number one expectation of the customers is a great delivery experience: bad reviews heavily impact revenues. Any comment will be way to improve Trackin and how to make delivery a great experience for businesses, drivers and customers! Thanks!
@didier_bruno Just brilliant!!!! Just filled out my info looking forward to trying this out :D
@nicholassheriff Thanks Nicholas, feel free to send us feedback anytime :) We tend to be very responsive with our users! Have fun!
Really cool idea! Most new restaurant owners don't have a clue about how to set up deliveries
I like the idea a ton! To be clear you're moving the ordering process away from a central co (Seamless, etc) and back to the org (ie. local pizza spot), correct? And you handle all the tech. They take care of delivery and product, right? Love it! Curious, are you focusing on any particular vertical? How growing partnerships establishments? And getting the word out to consumers? Good luck!
@vivekmgeorge Thank you! Glad you like it. You've got it all! Looking for a sales job? ;) We do focus on food delivery right now but have different types of customers already. We do also partnerships as we want to be just the delivery layer to any type of service in the near future (online ordering is a plus). We also work on different partnership in the food industry with different platforms. Not sure about what you mean to consumers since we're B2B2C. But we do automate a lot of the communication/stats/reviews between our users and their clients. Hope that answer your questions.