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Trackiem lets you create trackers to track anything over any period of time.
With different frequencies, types, and customized reminders you can build your own tracker to your own taste. And with powerful reporting features, visualizing your data is super easy.
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Hey All! Hope you all are safe and sound. Bit of a backstory for how Trackiem came to be. I've always been obsessed about tracking individual pieces of information in my life and finding patterns for certain activities. Like, how my mood is the next week after making a big purchase., correlations between number of coffees I drink and number of hours I was productive and so on. I have tried using specific tracker tools before but they inevitably becomes not useful as they are targeted towards specific niche or goal (like habit building, budget planning, etc)., whereas I wanted something generic that offers just the right tools and lets me build my trackers to the way I want. Hence, I built Trackiem. I've built it to be as much unopinionated as possible, by just offering the components that makes up a tracker and let users, you, to customize it the way you like. I've planned exciting things down the line for Trackiem, such as customized dashboard & reminders, more nuanced tracker types - this will allow you to build your own finance tracker, time tracker and so on. Excited for the first public beta launch here and hope you folks find it useful!
All The Best !!