Visual feedback & bug tracking, from web to Slack

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Hey folks, our startup TrackDuck (visual feedback for web & design) integration with Slack was just added to the official Slack App Directory! Please give it a try here, more info in blog post Looking forward to your comments!
A great Lithuanian Startup! Good job guys and always nice to see LT products on Product Hunt!:)
Nice work @edmundas4 !! - What did the development of the Slack App Directory mean to you? Would love to hear your story!
Thanks Ben! @bentossell Means quite few things actually: - that we won't need to develop more features to cover need to discus feedback/bugs. Instead we can focus on interactions directly on websites or images, which we do best. - we launched integration over a year ago and Slack has slowly climbed to our top 3 most popular integrations next only to Basecamp and Trello. Now we can assure our clients that integration is legit and at least to some extent has been checked and approved. - it's a new user acquisition channel, we are eagerly waiting to see what kind of traffic we can expect. Also, if in the future there will be more options to explain and market the integration. - we are using Slack as the main collaboration tool in our team and the integration really helps to track our user feedback for, other landing pages etc. So it scratches our own itch as they say :) - it was one of the most smooth integration development we have had. Clear API and docs, prompt support responses and help with what we needed to improve in the integration. Hopefully others will copy Slack in this (like many already in all kinds of other fields) and make life easier for us (we integrate to 17 products).
@edmundas4 +1 for the Slack love... Can't wait to see this evolve!
@bentossell thank you for featuring us, we got a lot of interesting ideas and comments via different channels. PH FTW! :)
love the layout and slack integration, but the video icon wasn't working for me (not opening a video on chrome)
@saadshamim thanks for letting us know!
Is it necessary to have "TrackDuck gives you a nice way to describe issues on web pages" text on all slack messages? Can that be turned off?
@pierreventer that's a great point, we will remove it. Thanks!
@edmundas4 @pierreventer Hey Pierre, we have updated Slack integration, additional text will not show up anymore. Thanks for feedback!