TrackChanges will compare what has changed since the page has loaded, then generate a set of developer friendly files.

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Hello! I spent the last few months working on this after I had a client send over HTML snippets and screenshots for code changes. I'm certain everyone else has run into the same problem. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of it!
This is *super* cool, very handy for submitting a web page to a designer who might make tweaks to font weight, colours, etc. Does it support source maps?
@daveymackintosh It doesn't support source maps yet, but that's my next big feature to add :)
@mikerogers0 Fantastic, this is a really helpful tool for getting actual code in-front of product owners and designers. I'm looking forward to source map support so that the downloaded file can just be patched into the codebase.
Thanks, Mike, It's gonna be a time saver instead of wasting time on screen capturing and explaining things in comments.
@hlabrinssi Thank you Hamza!

Before TrackChanges, I made HTML and CSS changes to live pages with Inspect Element. Then took a screenshot of the changes, fired up Photoshop to add comments on the screenshot, copy/pasted the HTML (with inline styles), documented everything in our project management tool, and assigned it to our developer.

Now, I make those changes, take a snapshot with TrackChanges, and send them a tidy zip file. Everything they need to work quickly and thoroughly.

No more over-documenting. No more duplicate work. We get it right the first time, every time.

Nice work.


Awesome way for product owners to document changes and pass them to developers.



Normally my front end tweaks get lost as I get further into the CSS. A little change here, a little change there, and by the time I'm happy enough to move to the code editor I've forgotten the first changes I made. TrackChanges stops that happening.