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A Chance to Earn Free Crypto Tokens Worth $$$ Every Month.

TrackAirdrop is a site where crypto investors and enthusiasts can get a list of all the running and upcoming Airdrops conducted by various Crypto Companies and ICOs.

A visitor can directly access the list for free without even signing up to the site. Just open the site, see the list of Airdrops and join all those that you feel are worthy.

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Airdrop are the next big thing. Awesome tool (y)
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Thanks for hunting this. Let me share more about the site. Airdrops are events that give the holder of a certain cryptocurrency or a wallet, free coins. Yes, they giveaway FREE COINS or TOKENS. How can a normal person get these tokens? Well, it's simple. Every Airdrop comes with certain tasks that you have to complete. These tasks include, liking page of the ICO, joining telegram, subscribing to email list and so on. All these tasks are free. For each completed task, the user is offered some tokens. These airdrops also have a referral based system where users can earn more tokens by inviting others to join the airdrop. This is how one can earn tokens. Why are Airdrops done? The answer is pretty simple, publicity. They create a good hype before the main ICO sale and thus it helps these companies to get a better hold in the market. Can you really earn $$$ every month by just joining Airdrops listed on Though I cannot guarantee that, but YES you can. The tokens are generally of very low value but if the respected project or ICO succeeds and does well in the market, its value will increase. Here's an example. Ontology (ONT) did an airdrop in January 2018 when they were at a very early stage. They gave away 1000 ONT tokens/coins to everyone who subscribed to their free email newsletter. 1000 ONT tokens at that time were not even worth $20, but today on 8th May 2018, the value of each ONT is $9 (live price here This means, the value of 1000 ONT is now $9*1000=$9000. That's $9000 for FREE. This is how Airdrops work. Most of them won't give you this big profit, but its always worth joining as the airdrops are always free to join. I am happy to answer more questions and doubts. We also have a Telegram channel and chat for everyone.
@iftiseo1 sounds interesting
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