Track Trump


Track Trump's first 100 Days


Chase Giunta
@chasegiunta · Designer / Developer
Great idea, but probably want to do this a bit more fairly, eliminate bias, and separate the items on the "contract" that we assume he's trying to actually accomplish in the first 100 days (front of page) from the items he says he will introduce to Congress and fight for within the first 100 days (back of page). Two different things.
Jeff Needles
@jsneedles · BI @ Meerkat & Maker of Things
Should be very interesting... You can follow along on twitter too https://twitter.com/track_trump
@deepakalur · Cofounder, Chartcube
I have been following this: https://trumptracker.github.io/ https://www.producthunt.com/post... by @VirenMohindra - seems more comprehensive than Track Trump.
Meidad Marzan
@meidadmar · Lead UX at Jobcase.com
great great work! I'd add a link next to each statement to show exactly when and where was the statement made. This would add to the validity of this product.
David Norman
@1davidnorman · iOS Developer
@sama Great idea! I'd love a "Drain The Swamp" meter as all the federal government goals are met.