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TrackJS gives you context about what's happening in your end-users' browsers. The Telemetry timeline recreates all the application, network, and user activity that leads to an error. The stack trace processing shows you the code you need to investigate.

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  • Pros: 

    Easy to install, clear & detailed info about errors


    No screenshots or mouse tracking. May need to set up come custom tracking to trackjs for unusual cases.

    TrackJS has been very helpful for finding bugs on a production sites before they are reported by users. I haven’t used the competition recently but when I first settled on trackjs was because it was by far the easiest to set up and get started on for browser-based js apps.

    Blitzen Woodsey has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Clean stack traces, telemetry timeline, users impacted overview, different reports and notifications


    Minor thing - source map support can be better.

    TrackJS is definitely the best browser errors reporting tool I have ever used! I have tried Newrelic, Muscula and custom solutions but none of them could compete with TrackJS.

    The most valuable feature for us is "Users impacted" overview, which basically defines the priority of error, also it helps to filter our the noise that comes from different browser extensions that users have. Great product!

    Alex Bubenshchykov has used this product for one year.


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Dave Mulder
Dave Mulder@muldster · Head of Product for @conferencesio
Hello @toddhgardner! How does {Track:js} compare to other JS error monitoring products like BugSnag and New Relic? Is your product for everyone, or is it for customers with some specific needs?
Todd Gardner
Todd GardnerMaker@toddhgardner · Founder, TrackJS
@muldster Good Question, we operate in a similar space. BugSnag, NewRelic, and others are good tools and they solve a lot of problems. They have their origins in server-side error tracking, where the exception is the near-complete expression of the problem. If you have the stack, you probably have everything you need to debug. The client-side is trickier. JavaScript errors are terse and uninformative. Worse, browsers differ in their implementation of Error, so the information received varies wildly. TrackJS is unique in that we include analytics about what the user, the network, and your application are doing leading up to the error. Our Telemetry Timeline gives the developers the steps to recreate and resolve errors. We also wrap and normalize the error, making it far more likely to capture detailed error information than the other players. In short: we're focused. We solve JavaScript Error Tracking for modern web applications.
Jason Crawford
Jason CrawfordPro@jasoncrawford · Chopping wood, carrying water
We've been using TrackJS for about a month and it's been pretty good. The stack traces and event logs are very helpful.
Todd Gardner
Todd GardnerMaker@toddhgardner · Founder, TrackJS
Thanks for everyone's support! Webapps are hard; we're trying to make the web a little bit better :)
Oleg Campbell
Oleg Campbell@olegcl · CEO and Founder @ Reply
Amazing product!
Jessy Houle
Jessy Houle@jessyhoule · Programmer with passion
I've been using {Track:js} for years to help better assess issues before my clients see them, or worse yet, their customers see them. Great tracking with integrations into many of the popular JS Frameworks and useful reporting.