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Its Awesome! Nicely done. Its really cool how they used SoundCloud and YouTube API. It would be great if they include other genres too.
Thanks Divyansh for posting our app! I made it with @olbrun last summer during @lewagonparis dev bootcamp. We've been inspired by the great Product Hunt process, and it's pretty cool to discover Track Guru here ! Cheers from France
@olbrun @lewagonparis @tchret how have you thought about growth + community building?
@eriktorenberg Hi Erik, I have two big things in mind : - get the attention of the artists, & bringing them to the platform. We need influencers to be credible in front of our people. - collection, but for techno event, with a special "pre-event" list where people can win some tickets by getting the most upvoted, like this one : http://trackguru.co/events/acid-...
Like at. Very promising. Waiting for communities, collections and autoplay for next tracks ;)
awesome! @rrhoover will you be opening up new verticals? music would seem to make a lot of sense. well done @tchret