The simplest way to record your running races

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Fun, simple app. I like the idea! The question is - what will keep me from uninstalling it? @staticsteven - say I'm an average runner, I may or may not hit a PR every race. how do you plan on keep people engaged?
@kevinguebert thanks! That's a good question. Our focus is on providing a valuable way to see progress over time, I don't think any runner hits a PR every race! We are working on additional features to review past data. Additionally, we find people enjoy using it as a way to keep track of upcoming races and countdown to them. I hope that answers your question.
@staticsteven Oh that's perfect. I can understand the value in that - thank you for the response. Excited to try it out!
Hey everyone, a late introduction/blurb here. My friend Dylan Mason and I are both runners who like to build apps together! One thing I found myself doing was keeping a Note in my phone of all of my personal bests and race results. Often times apps like Nike+ and RunKeeper wouldn't exactly match my chip time or the exact distance making it difficult to keep an accurate history. The Notes file worked fine, but it was getting a bit long and hard to read. That's why we built Track, an app for easily logging your race history and identifying your personal bests.