Real time train tracking for iOS

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Hello Product Hunters! I used to get really frustrated with the selection of iOS apps out there for keeping track of my trains when I travelled home from university on a multiple leg train journey. Lots of apps like the National Rail app could only keep track of one train at a time or would only let me find my train if it was showing up on a departure board. I wanted an easy way to enter information about my trains and see if I was going to be able to make my connections which often had a tight transfer window. This year I built Track to solve that problem. It tells you what platform to go to, if your train is late and most importantly it tells you if it thinks you might not be able to make your connection and will help you out with what to do next. It even gives you a reason if your train gets cancelled. The idea was to make travelling easy for anyone, no matter what your experience is with trains. On top of that it also has Apple Watch support including a glance that shows you information about your current or upcoming journey. I'm already working on an update and would love to hear your feedback and feature requests. Thanks.