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Neat idea but even though this is super cheap at $2.99/month, this isn't a big or frequent problem for me to pay, to be 100% honest. I'd consider offering a free version (which could be supported in various other ways, including advertising) or at least a trial first.
@rrhoover $1.99 a month it says, but agree that I wouldn't want to pay for it. If I were to pay, I'd want screenshots in advance or a trial, showing what I'm buying.
@rrhoover Agreed here - sourcing revenue from the end user makes less sense to me here, than offering a paid integration to delivery services - or shooting for an acquisition by a delivery player or even the postal service as a last ditch effort to stave off their long overdue death... Eh. @_jacksmith
@rrhoover @_jacksmith @elizabethhunker Thanks for the suggestion -- it currently does offer a 7 day free trial, but I think you guys are right and at least trying some freemium model (maybe track x packages for free or as you said, ad/integration supported) I built this to solve a personal problem and the pricing model is currently just based off of my own answer to the question "how much would I pay for this service?" Thanks for the feedback!
Very cool. The idea of auto updates on all my packages sounds fantastic.