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Hey, Product Hunters! Trace by RisingStack is a cloud-based performance monitoring tool which makes Node.js development and debugging easier thanks to its’ error detection, performance monitoring, service mapping, and distributed tracing features. Trace provides: - A distributed stack trace view for all of your transactions, with error details - Service map to see the communication flow between your microservices - Metrics on event loop, garbage collection, CPU, memory, RPM and response time - Alerting with Slack, Pagerduty, and Webhook integration Trace makes application-level transparency available on a large microservices system with very low overhead and helps to localize production issues with ease. It works in any IaaS or PaaS environment, including Amazon AWS, Heroku or DigitalOcean. Trace by RisingStack was previously in private beta but is now open to everyone and free to use until July. To extend the trial period with an extra two weeks use the promotion code: producthunt during registration.
@nthgergo Hi, Trace looks very cool, thanks for making it! Would you mind telling me how it differs from Opbeat's Node.js services?
@peralmq Hey Pelle, sure! The biggest difference is that Trace was built with microservices and Node.js in mind in the first place. It understands the infrastructure as a whole, with external dependencies and cross-service calls (distributed tracing) - unlike, as far as I understand, Opbeat works only within the service boundaries. Trace also provides a Topology view, where you can quickly understand how the system functions with calls in-between services, databases accesses and third-party APIs.
@peralmq one more thing I'd add: Google has been monitoring their services for years based on the Google Dapper concept Trace makes Dapper available for everyone as a SaaS product. It doesn’t matter that your applications use PaaS (like Heroku) or IaaS (like AWS). The idea of building Trace comes from our experience in consulting with enterprise customers. Turned out that distributed tracing is an especially hard problem for them. Here is a great article about the challenges:
What a coincident! Just checked this out yesterday. Did not realize Trace was not on Product Hunt yet :) The backend for my app is mainly Node.js and has been looking for monitoring tools. I was initially thinking I can just use tools such as forever and Trace looks totally beyond what existing monitoring tools do. Great job. I may start using this soon :)
Friend sent this just the other day, looks promising! Keep up the good work guys.
This is a must-use for all nodeJS developers looking for good monitoring!