Toyota Concept-i

AI vehicle that learns about its driver

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Elie Teyssedouย โ€” Developer
The thing is that, Tesla compared to most of car manufacturers doesn't make concept cars.
They are producing real car, affordable in large production, and smashing the car industry. I'm pretty sure that you will never drive a car such as the Toyota Concept-I. Because those car are not created with the will of being delivered some day. May be an element will remain and being integrate to a real car?
But if the car industry were acting like Tesla does, we would have many more breakthroughs - along with interesting failures!
Austinย โ€” Founder, Layman Lab
@elie_teyssedou Agreed! Concept cars are distractions. It's old school thinking.
Ryan Hooverย โ€” Founder, Product Hunt
This looks like something from Tron.

I think we've see "AI" appended to everything this week, from toothbrushes to healthy eating apps.
mccataldoย โ€” Software Engineer, Indie Hacker
@rrhoover I pretty sure there was AI in the hot dog I had for lunch yesterday. I mean everything else in it was artificial. ๐Ÿ˜
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